One-half of glaucoma patients are not aware they have the disease. It is estimated that two million Americans may have Glaucoma.

Our purpose is to educate the public about exploring their own personal risk of glaucoma and assuring they do not have the disease. As loss of vision from glaucoma is irreversible, this is very important when patients are without symptoms.

Risk Factor Analysis:

• Age, over 65, over 75*
• African-American descent (or any other dark skinned race)*
• Family with glaucoma – A parent, brother or sister*
• Myopia (near-sightedness) of a significant degree
• History of previous eye injury or surgery
• Use of steroids (pills, nose spray inhalants, or eye drops) for more than a month
• Complete eye examination – More than 2 years ago, More than 5 years ago*

If you have more than two of these risk factors, or any of the risk factors with an asterisk, consider yourself at moderate or high risk for glaucoma.

We suggest everyone have a periodic eye examination, but those at risk should seek an examination soon (within the next few months).

A complete eye examination is the best way to detect glaucoma.