Foundation to Cure Glaucoma

You see, at that time it was unspeakable to say a CURE for glaucoma. It really bothered me that it was speakable to have a cure for other diseases, but not glaucoma. So, with the support of three notable patients we set out to change the ideas about glaucoma. Going forward, after being accused that uttering such words were “unethical” and being accused that I was doing this to build my practice, I can say that most research foundations now say the word cure in their goals. I cannot say I directly caused this, but really, who cares? It happened. And even better, the possibilities of restoring lost vision (a true cure) is closer to reality with the use of stem cells. The Foundation was recently ended and our proceeds went to a researcher Larry Benowitz, Ph D at Boston Children’s Hospital. He was attempting to get new nerve tissue growing in the eye to connect properly to the brain!